Navia is comfort


The history from which Navia is officially formed is relatively young. However, the idea is old. It is the idea that the customer deserves products that are not disposable and that comfort comes first. The Navia team is made up of some of the leading engineers and professionals in the small household appliances market, committed to providing their customers with what this market no longer provides.


Our direction is always traced by the idea of what quality is. What's more, we redefine it. For us this word ceases to be an ethereal idea, in order to have it as a goal and a constant. This is why we initially define quality as the simultaneous presence of durability and high performance.


However, we realized that what we were looking for was not only quality. We were looking for more factors that were part of the construction of all our products. All Navia products must also provide confidence, comfort, quality and service. Therefore, what Navia represents is not only quality, but Comfort.


Navia markets its products in the main commercial chains in Mexico and is part of the ANFAD (National Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances) which brings together the main manufacturers of domestic appliances in Mexico. Likewise, it exports to several countries and has a division that is exclusively dedicated to Product Design and Development. Navia is a Mexican company.



Where does Navia come from?


From a group of engineers and professionals with years of experience in the minor household appliances sector, committed to re-manufacturing products that provide comfort. It is for this reason that we take the name Navia.


Navia is in honor of a Mexican entrepreneur, who was born in Spain, but made his life here in Mexico. All his life he devoted himself to making products that met these parameters and we honor his career using the name of the council to which the town in which he was born belongs.


Navia is a Registered Trademark of Grupo Anavia, SA de CV




Where is Navia from?


Navia is a brand of Grupo Anavia, SA de CV A Mexican company that is dedicated to manufacturing, designing, developing and marketing household appliances. Our factory is located in the Federal District.